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Making Your Company Promo
Making Your Company Promo Project: Project Overview See the final video
Benchmark International
Benchmark International Project: Corporate Animation See the final video
Concerto Live – Clive
Concerto Live – Clive Project: Promotional Animation See the final video
UK Youth Microsoft Partnership
UK Youth Microsoft Partnership Project: Charity Video See the final video
Clear Content Works
Jug Co
Jug Co Project: Viral Ad See the final video
EuroFX Project: Corporate Advertisement See the final video
Currys/PC World
Currys/PC World Project: Online Advert See the final video
Cloud Solution
Cloud Solution Project: Promotional Animation See the final video

Some of our clients:

  • corporate video production
  • corporate video production london
  •  production company
  • corporate video production
  • corporate video production london
  •  production company
  • corporate video production
  • corporate video production london
  •  production company
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Creative Video Production Agency

What does this really mean? Well, we produce video content whether it be a sales video, explainer video and corporate promotional video for businesses. Much of our content would be hosted on a companies website but we also create content for trade shows, exhibitions and seminars.

It’s a full creative service

You have a company brochure. How do you distil those 200 pages into an engaging two minute promotional animation? That’s where we come in. We have in-house creative’s and copy-writers who’ll come and meet you and get to know your key messaging. We will produce initial scripts and visuals then develop these into full storyboards. Once you’ve signed these off we’ll go into production. Typically the whole process from first meeting to delivery takes a month. We might create a character or merely a simple visual style that hopefully reflects the type of potential clients you’d like to engage with.

Your video

Once you have your marketing video or explainer video you need to promote it. It won’t just find it’s audience just by sitting on Youtube. We may have to create an SEO campaign around it to make sure the right people see it. It’s not about volume but about creating quality leads for your sales staff.

What’s involved?

Video Production

Nothing works better than meeting the people from a business to re-assure potential clients you are who you say you you are. And you have clients who’s say something nice as well. The two minute video case study is the most popular type of project we produce for our clients. We’ll do all the scripting, provide the camera crew to shoot it and then edit it together to tell a story.Your story. We probably produce sixty two minute video case studies every year. Camera equipment has become very cheap but the quality has gone through the roof. You get so much more for your buck these days.

Motion Graphics/Animation

Theres’ more involved in the preparation in creating a sales or promotional animation but once we’ve got the script and storyboard right the actual production process is probably a bit smoother than creating a video because we are working to a strict storyboard. Animation has grown to become half our business nowadays because animation costs have fallen so much and you can do so much more with the various types of software. Corporate animations are great for explaining intangible things like computer technology or working practises. Subjects that can’t easily be filmed. Promotional animations aren’t restricted by what you can show and where. If you have an office in Singapore we can go there with an animation where you may not have the budget for video.

Content Stategy

We live in a digital world. You are fighting for space in crowded market. We need to understand your business so we can place your video in the right channels so it get seen. Don’t just think uploading your video onto to youtube and sticking loads of key words all over it will get it seen. We need to create a strategy. The video needs to sit within a online marketing campaign and not just be floating around hopefully.

We enjoy what we do

Clear Blue Creative has come a long way since 2003. We genuinely enjoy what we do. Creating video or animation promotional films can be a fun process and we’ve worked with some interesting clients across a range of businesses in the UK and abroad. We genuinely want to provide added extra’s that we haven’t quoted for because we know if we get it right and you are happy you will return. Or at least tell a friend about us.