8 Ways to use Video to Promote Your Services or Products
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8 ways to use video production to self-promote your business

25th November 2013

As a business owner you will naturally be looking for new ways to engage with existing and potential customers on a daily basis. It is said the average internet user watches an incredible 186 videos online each month – everything from advertisements and news to personal videos and viral content.

Corporate Video production is an effective means of engaging with consumers in a way that photos and direct text simply cannot on its own. Video marketing can bring personality and a voice to your day-to-day business operation and demonstrate that there is a human being behind the products and services you provide.

Here are eight effective ways in which you could consider to use video to self-promote your business online:

  1. Customer testimonials

    There is nothing more compelling and influential than seeing existing happy customers discuss the benefits of your products and services on-screen. These simple snippets could be used to augment product pages and descriptions as well as e-mail newsletters and press releases.
  2. Case studies
    A meatier version of a customer testimonial, a customer case study provides a more in-depth explanation of how your business has been able to support the customer to be successful. These narratives could be no longer than five minutes but have a very positive impact in how users view the expertise of your services.
  3. Product demos

    Sometimes the only way to demonstrate the high-quality features of a product or service is to show it on camera. Screen captures and high-impact demonstrations are excellent ways of displaying your products in use.
  4. Corporate brochure
    An simple yet effective overview of your business, a corporate video brochure gives small business owners the ideal opportunity to demonstrate company history, ethos and values as well as your key products and services and any other necessary top level business information.
  5. Staff presentations

    It doesn’t have to be your senior management team that represent your company on-screen. Staff presentations and interviews are a great way of demonstrating the expertise of the people in the engine room of your business’s day-to-day operations. Surveys suggest consumers trust interviews with these types of employees as opposed to senior management.
  6. Online training

    Had you considered that online videos are a cost-effective substitute for in-class training sessions? Training video guides are a great way to demonstrate experience and expertise and can be easily integrated into online training management packages.
  7. Advertisements

    Corporate advertisers appear to be becoming increasingly more selective as to how their spend their marketing budgets, but advertisements still have a role in targeting niche audiences using specialised content. The online sphere means avenues for commercials extend from in-game advertising and in-theatre advertising to online sponsorships and more.
  8. Q&A sessions

    If you are looking for lead generation video content that provides a return on investment then why not video a question and answer session among senior experts within your company? Ideal to complement a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on-site, you can create your own agenda and discuss the topics that matter to your customers.

These ideas are merely the tip of the iceberg but it’s easy to see just why video marketing is such an effective tool in today’s short attention span world.


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