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What is A/B testing and Why Should You A/B Test Your Videos?

16th February 2016
A/B testing

A/B testing (otherwise known as split testing) is a method used to see which out of two videos works best in achieving your goal.

Once you have found this out, you can then publish this video and be comfortable knowing that this video is the video that works the best and that you haven’t published a video that may be less effective.

In A/B testing you make two versions of one video but change just one aspect of the video to see which works best.

Areas in which you can A/B test you videos

  • The voiceover you use
  • The music you use in the background
  • The sequence of the clips you use
  • The Title/Tags or Description
  • The lighting in the video
  • Thumbnail images
  • Animation on the video

Although they may not be the actual video, the easiest aspects to test are the ones that are changed after the production. These may include the copy that you include with your video or the thumbnail images.

How to A/B Test

When A/B testing videos you must ensure that you are clear of the goal you want to achieve – you may want people to click to your website or get more people contacting you.

You must ensure that your audience is random, you are more likely to have opens from your current customers, so make sure they’re spread out between the groups.

  1. Split up your testing group into two equal groups
  2. Create your version A (control) and version B (test group) of the videos you would like to test (each could have a different thumbnail and so on)
  3. Run the experiment and record the outcomes of each group and how successful they are at meeting your goal
  4. Track and compare results to determine which has been the most successful video.
  5. Use this video in your campaign

Using videos to promote your product or business is a fantastic way to get noticed. Give us a ring on 020 762 25 275 or email info@clearbluecreative.co.uk to talk it all through.


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