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The Pros & Cons of AdSense for Video

09th February 2016
What is AdSense for video?

AdSense is provided by Google. It is a method of advertising online and provides the adverts for videos that are hosted on websites.

AdSense has pretty strict requirements when being used on videos hosted on a website, one of the main ones being that the video can’t also be hosted on YouTube.

Most the content that you are likely to share will be posted on YouTube, and therefore, you may want to consider becoming a YouTube partner instead. Becoming a YouTube partner is when you use the partner program to monetize your videos.

In order to monetize your videos on YouTube you have the option to have pop up adverts on your video and adverts played before your video. You then earn money for them being displayed and the amount of time people click on them.

Here are just some of the pros and cons on being a YouTube partner or using AdSense to monetize your videos.


  • You can earn money from your videos – If you’re creating good content that people want to watch, then this can really generate income.
  • You can own all the copyright rights of your uploaded content without exception whatsoever. When you’re not a partner YouTube can manage and distribute your videos.


  • The adverts may take people through to a different website, meaning they no longer watch your video or go to your site.
  • If a person sees a non skiable ad, they may not have the patience to wait and watch the ad, leading to them exiting the video.
  • YouTube Partners’ content MUST be original or you must have the explicit permission of the person who created the content to include it in your video and monetize it.
  • Partners must own the copyrights and distribution rights for all audio and video content that they upload to YouTube, with no exceptions.
  • Ads with product placements in them aren’t allowed under the terms of service. In other words, you can’t put the ads on YouTube videos that are already adverts in themselves – if you are a business that provides a product or service then this may not be for you.


There are various pros and cons associated with monetizing your videos, but at the end of the day, the videos you post could become a source of income, and so why not start creating? Contact us  for more information 020 762 25 275 or email



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