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Filming your Company Promo – A helpful Animation

22nd July 2014

At Clear Blue we are always asked the same questions about what it takes to create a promo video. Where do we begin? How long does it take from start to sign off? What is my role in the creative process?

We set to work on creating a beautifully crafted character driven animation that explains step by step how we work with you to create the perfect promo video for you and your business. We approached this promo like we would any other project, by coming together as a team to write the script, research and develop visual styles and dive into the production and post production processes as a well oiled promo producing machine.

People who contact us about working with them love the promo and say it really shed some light on a whole new world they knew very little about before. So if you haven’t watched it yet hop to it. You might just learn a thing or two.


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