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Is the future of corporate video with video marketplace sites?

25th January 2016
Is the future of corporate video with video marketplace sites?

We’ve all had those slightly frustrating phone calls when some-one’s found your production company on google. They talk for a while, you’re interested in their project only for them to mention an incredibly low budget.

Well, rather than get frustrated by the idea I’ve been taking a serious look at whether many of the jobs we do can just be produced by experienced freelancers.

1. The corporate video market place

So the reality is you start thinking about creating a “video market place” where clients can submit proposals for work that don’t need an agency to run them.

These types of corporate video ’s are best suited to multi-skilled shoot Directors who also edit. They also generally work where the client knows exactly what they want and don’t require a huge amount of hand-holding.

2. Should you submit corporate video’s in a video marketplace?

It’s painful to admit as an owner of a corporate video production company but this is going to be the way many of the smaller jobs are commissioned… and you know what, I don’t mind at all.

There’s little mark up in the smaller jobs and if you’ve got a solid roster of experienced freelancers I’m happy to operate some jobs in this way.

3. Light touch management

In my experience the best way to manage them is not just to hand these jobs over but retain a light touch management. Help the client and the freelancer sort out a schedule and be on hand to help manage the clients’ expectations.

Many corporate video’s can be edited at home, many animations can be produced on a laptop. In this world of flexible working hours and hot desking does it matter whether a job is edited at your office or some-one else’s.

4. You need a bit of quality control in video production

Quality control is the key to making a corporate video but your client will respect you for being honest about giving them a helping hand and not marking up simple job.

My one frustration with many of these video market websites is that I don’t think there’s a huge amount of quality control in terms of the experience of their freelancers which is why I think there’s a gap in the market for a UK based production company to provide this type of video market commissioning solution.

And that’s what we intend to do at Clear Blue CreativeSo if you have a video project that probably just needs a shoot director or freelancer to do it get in touch at or phone020 762 25 275.


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