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Is your Video Content Marketing Strategy driving sales?

05th December 2015
video content marketing strategy

If not read on.

Here are 10 top tips designed to drive leads to your site.

Don’t spend your budget all at once

Don’t spent all of your budget at once. Times have changed. Video content is not a “here’s some money we’ve got left at the end of the year” decision. It’s not about just creating one video and thinking it’s the answer to all of your problems. Think of a campaign. Short video clips your clients will watch over the course of a couple of months.

Create a strategy

To create a video content marketing strategy you need to plan who you will release this content to over a period of time – don’t just do it all at once. Your video content needs to sit within your overall marketing strategy not just as an afterthought. You need to drip feed interesting information to your market over the course of a marketing campaign or preferably all year round.

Your video content needs to be part of a wider social media and digital marketing campaign.

If you release some video content make sure everyone on your mailing list knows about it, as well as making regular updates on social media.

What’s your top line?

You are not making a print brochure. You are merely trying to hook people into wanting to know more. After 90 seconds you’d like them to pick up the phone.

It maybe that you just concentrate on one area of the way you do business that reflects positively about the whole service.

video content marketing strategy 2

Content needs to be relevant

Video does have more “stickability” than written content, but it has to be relevant. Perhaps it’s an interesting snippet of a much larger written white paper. Maybe it brings to life something that seems a bit dry in words.

Info-graphics are great for this – lots of relevant facts in a short period of time. Rich content about your customers market or benefits about your product. Show them you’ve done your research.

Does the content reflect your brand?

Stay on brand. Your video content marketing strategy needs to be consistent with the rest of your marketing campaign and your target audience. Don’t go all wild and wacky if that’s not your usual audience, you’ll just end up attracting the wrong people who won’t be interested in your services when they click-through.

You need a hook to catch your fish

People’s attention is short. You need to hook them in the first 15 seconds. Keep the whole edit short to under 2 minutes. But don’t think it needs to reflect a nasty shouty American TV commercial. No shouting! Just think of a clever “in”. Something subtle.

Who’s your audience?

Think about your audience. Plan the video content in your video content marketing strategy in the same way you would a normal marketing campaign. What are you trying to say? What tone of voice should you use? What attitude are you trying to change or re-enforce?


People don’t like stock footage

Try and avoid stock footage if you can. Personal stories and real footage always works better. People are very adept at spotting frauds these days. Your customers want you to be genuine and real. We all turn off when we see template websites and stock footage imagery. Video content is no different.

Don’t guess. Ask your clients what they are interested in

Ask your present clients what they’d like to hear about. Are there stumbling blocks in taking clients to the next stage of a sale that a video would help with. Even video’s of frequently asked questions shows you are listening to your client needs and they are cheap to do.

Testimonials are a great start

My one big advice to you would be to dip your toe into video content by just filming very short testimonials from your favourite clients. People love to see real people recommending stuff. It always works.

Finally, as with all content marketing don’t just blitz it for one month and then leave it. Be consistent throughout the year. Try and build up a regular audience. If only because Google likes a regular audience.

An effective video content marketing strategy is ongoing through the year.

If you need help with your video content marketing strategy then get in touch with or call 020 762 25 275

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