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20th November 2015

The Motion Graphics world is such an exciting place to be at the moment. Here at Clear Blue Creative we are constantly on the look-out for new talent and are inspired by what we see everyday.

Animation isn’t just for the big budget companies anymore. A week spent in front of After Effects seems to produce some great results!

Clear Blue Motion Graphics Showreel 2015 from Clear Blue Creative on Vimeo.

Motion graphics projects do require a bit more thought and planning but once the project is up and running you do tend to find it’s a smoother process.

The workflow is pretty straight forward for your average 90 second sales marketing or brand video animation that sits on the home page of your website.

The motion graphics script

Writing a script for an animation is no different from thinking about a sales presentation.

You have to start with your key messages and build up from there

You should be asking yourself; what’s the one message we are trying to get across? What are the proof points? What do we want people to do once they’ve viewed this animation?

Where animation starts to get interesting is that you can go anywhere you want to. You need to explain a process that takes you around the world. Well, go there! You want to explain the inner workings of a computer? Dive right in.

The storyboard

Once you’ve decided on the look we would produce a full storyboard of all the key scenes with the relevant script below each scene.

Here you can get a sense of the flow.

From a production point of view the animator will use these scenes in After Effects to build the animation itself.

Animation Build

We are then in a position to proceed with the animation build. We would lay down a guide track voice-over for the animator to work to. This is where we also add sound effects and a music track.

There shouldn’t be any surprises here. You’ve seen the storyboard. Once the build is signed off we’ll get a professional voice-over artist, one that you would have picked from a selection we would provide, to add their voice.

The delivery

You’ll now have a full screen HD formatted motion graphics video to put on your website.

This video can easily be formatted for a mobile phone, laptop or big screen with a simple click of the button.

So get it on line and get some sales leads coming in!



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