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A quick recap in writing a good video production brief

20th February 2015

Who are you?

You may know your business inside out but if you’re going to commission a corporate video you need to give your potential supplier some background about your business, your markets and your competitors.

Briefly describe your product or service

Reading a brochure is one thing but hearing a product or service described in plain english works wonders. Company brochures have a tendency towards flowery marketing speak. For your sales video you need to use a simple straight forward language and that starts in the way you brief your supplier.

What expectations are you trying to change?

What’s the point of creating this new digital content? What perceptions are you trying to change? If it’s a re-design or a re-structuring of a company what key messages do people need to walk away with. Remember the best videos are only two minutes or less long. What single thought do you want people to believe at the end – this one phrase will shape the tone for the whole video.

Who’s your market?

Is this digital content meant for your company website? Who do you think is going to watch it? What sort of people are they? It might be a slightly different crowd if the video is for an exhibition stand or for a salesman to use during a presentation.

If it’s for an exhibition you may not want a voice-over or even music.

What type of content are you looking to produce?

An animation? Video case study? Perhaps a mixture of the two. Can you get some clients on screen to say how great you are?

How do you want people to respond?

Having watched the video what are you expecting these viewers to do? Pick up the phone for a sales call? What’s the call to action?

If you can get these basics right you have a fighting chance of creating an engaging video that will boost sales or help you change people’s minds about a project you are promoting.


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