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The Power of Storytelling

04th March 2015

Here at Clear Blue we know how important it is to reinforce our client’s key messaging and to showcase what they are all about.

Yes we can talk facts and figures all day, but we find the most effective and rewarding way of doing so is through a well-told story.

Hearing how people’s lives have changed for the better thanks to a charity or how employees of a Blue Chip company can benefit massively from having the latest equipment is far more interesting than listening to the same old gobbledygook corporate answers.

But it’s not just about what people say, but how can we present something that is going to make our client stand out?

Over the years we have dabbled in producing short films that have had success on the film festival circuit.

However, the next step for us is to take what we have learnt from our drama productions and incorporate it into our future videos that will highlight a more human side to our big name clients.

Two Ladies & A Hill – directed by Federico Forcolini from Clear Blue Creative on Vimeo.

A great example of this approach is the partnership of directors Simon Atkinson and Adam Townley, or Si&Ad as they are more commonly known.

They started their careers with a three-minute short film called Post-It Love in which two shy office workers show each other affection by leaving sweetly made posit-it note pictures for each other to find in their daily routine.

It’s a charming film with gorgeous cinematography that leaves you with a smile on your face.

Fast forward six years from when Post-It Love first hit the scene Si&Ad have had amazing careers producing TV ads, music videos and brand films for some of the most well known brands and companies in the world.

Some of their better-known work is for the likes of The Trainline, Durex and Thinkbox.

It just goes to show that by making a short film and finding your niche, it can lead to bigger and better things.

post it

Si&Ad are two of many great examples of filmmakers telling emotional and touching stories. It just goes to show you could really get to grips with reflecting the personality of your business by concentrating on a strong narrative and personable characters.


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