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Why corporate video production is good for your SEO

22nd July 2013

Hi welcome to clear blue productions monthly blogs to explain some of the processes behind making a corporate video or promotional animation.

Whilst a lot of our clients work in the communications industry – a lot don’t.

We work with many new clients who’ve never commissioned a video before – so here I am to talk you through the process.

So my first question would be – why bother – why bother making a corporate video, sales video or communications films – whatever you want to call it.

Well lots of people are now going online to watch video content – if you’re selling a product your potential client is statistically more more likely to click on a video rather than a website url – that’s a fact. No-one now disuputes that.

So here’s another thing – google now realizes it needs to monetize Youtube.

Its keen to see Youtube video’s rank on google.

Video has quite a significant effect on your SEO because google now likes to see fresh content on websites – what better way than by creating video content.

But be careful here – it has to be relevant – good rich relevant content gets rewarded with getting pushed up the google rankings. However if google doesn’t think your content is relevant then you get penalized.  So if you are a corporate video producer just blog about corporate video’s.

Why not try and develop an area on your website so you are seen as an expert in your industry’s field – start trying to develop relationships with your customers.

A go to area of short bit-size clips explaining the latest developments in your industry.

Getting your video embedded on some-one else’s site is testament to how useful people have found it and just re-assures google that you should be ranked highly.

If you want to see examples of how we’ve helped companies with their video content or if you are looking to commission a promotional film then give us a call on 0207 6225275 or go to our website to see more of our work

Corporate video production

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