The Power of Video Storytelling in Business
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Your business has some great stories to tell, so tell them!

14th December 2015
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Why does storytelling in business drives sales so well?

We like to be inspired by real people


Everything in colour

We empathise with the lead character. Perhaps the journey they have made inspires us or encourages us to take that same journey as well.

If our protagonist has discovered something and we like it, and we like them and want to be like them, then we want to know how they’ve done it.

In life generally we’ve always wanted to know the short-cuts to success. Lo and behold here’s someone who’s achieved this and we want to know their secrets. When we shot a video of Everything in Colour , an eco-friendly designer clothes company we found just such inspiration.

TV news has been doing this for 50 years

On another level we believe in something more if it’s a human story. When we watch the news, generally news stories follow the same format.

The following is true whether the reporter is following a viral infection or a mortgage crisis.

First of all we see the story from the micro level. We might start in some-one’s house. We hear of their problem. The story quickly moves to the macro level and we see how this issue affects many people.

We see facts and figures on a national or global scale. But having first off all seen the problems and personal crisis this issue is causing to individuals on a micro level it resonates with us.

The news story will always, without fail, return from the macro to finish with a final word from the individual to remind of us of the fact that’s it’s a big issue on a very personal scale.

Put a human face to your business

everything in colour photo 2

We find it easier to empathise with individuals and not corporations or the masses.

None of us like to see stock footage. We want to see how this solution has changed the way a company works or how it has made a company more profitable. So it’s all about human benefits.

Give your business solutions the human touch

Let’s take what we’ve learnt from this and put it into storytelling in business.

We need to show how our product or service benefits individuals. How does it help them run their company more efficiently, provide better customer service or make more money.

If we focus the story on an individual we are more likely to make it believable. Anybody can shout out big facts about a product but if it comes from the mouth of a real person who’s taken us along a journey we believe in then it’s going to resonate.

That’s why storytelling in business can be so effective.

Think about benefits not product shots

Everything in colour photo 3

If you’re producing a video case study about IT services no-one is interested in the computers but we are intersted in how those computers have made a postive impact on how people run their business, grow and provide a better customer service.

If you tell the personal story it will resonate with your clients and if you need help telling your own story to help drives sales then get in touch with us at or call 020 762 25 275


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