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A cameraman/editor

All of our cameraman are experienced broadcast cameramen who work freelance for the likes of the BBC and broadcast standard production companies. Their day rate includes the ability to edit on site and includes all of their equipment. They will also be able to encode the edited material onsite to all formats for webcasting, streaming & broadcast.

Day rate – £750

Video Business Promo

3 minute business promo

We used multi-skilled Director/Cameramen – why use a large crew when shoot directors can do the job themselves? When our shoot Directors aren’t working for us they are making documentaries for the BBC or ITV. We excel at shooting case studies and on average take 4 days to edit them.

Budget – £4000

Event Web Casting

1 day event webcast

When it comes to webcasting we are a one-smiddle-shop. We will film your webcast, encode it, host the video and deliver it to a video web page that we’ll design to lie on your company website. Leave everything to us.

Budget – £3500


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