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Top tips for optimising your corporate video content for search

13th January 2014

It is said by many search engine optimisation (SEO) experts that securing a page one ranking on Google for a specific search term is much easier with a video than a normal web page.

With 60 hours of YouTube content said to be uploaded every minute, it is an enormous challenge just to get your video content to stand out from the crowd. If your business is looking to differentiate from its competitors and you want your corporate videos to increase your potential audience then optimising your video content for search purposes is an essential practice.

Last year, a comScore study found that websites boasting video content hold a user’s attention for at least two minutes longer than a website without video. So here are a few top tips for busy business owners looking to increase the potential reach of your commercial videos.

Generate a video sitemap

Any website that hosts video content must make Google aware of its existence by simply creating a video sitemap. This is a straightforward XML file that enables Google to index your video including its description and relevant keywords.

Link back to your own website

To get maximum value out of any corporate video be sure to embed a backlink to your company site. In the hopeful event your video goes viral, when someone shares or posts your video elsewhere you will get a backlink to your company website; invaluable for SEO.

Choose the most relevant video title

Take the time to think about exactly what your video content is about. The video title is the all-important visual element of your content and arguably the most influential aspect for attracting views. Try to keep the title below 66 characters and include the main search phrase you wish to rank for.

Pander to short attention spans

In the main, internet users are becoming increasingly irritable. They generally have short attention spans so in order to capture the imagination of viewers and encourage them to share it with friends and family, it has to be short enough to keep them engaged. If your content is too long the likelihood is that users will abandon it and exit.

Rich snippets

A new markup used by Google enables businesses to implement rich snippets to provide users with more information about your video content, including a thumbnail and embedded URL which seems to attract more views. For more information on rich snippets visit Google’s webmaster tools page.

Make something good… no, really

This final tip may sound patronising but in general an excellent video ranks well in the major search engines providing it has views, comments and shares in the relevant channels. Don’t just make a commercial video for the sake of it; do it because you have something genuinely interesting to say and you will reap the benefits of social shares and earn more backlinks to your own website in the process.

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