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Video SEO Tips ~ A Guide for Beginners

21st January 2016

Want to boost your video’s visibility? Here are our video SEO tips to help you out.

  1. Find the perfect keyword you want to base your video on, make sure that this is a keyword that people are searching for, you can use Google’s keyword tool to help you here. Ensure that the keyword you chose is one that is aimed at your target audience.


  1. When creating and editing your video make sure the keyword is referenced at least once.


  1. Naming your video file before upload. – Name your original file with the keyword and a short description. This will help when it is uploaded as it links back to the keyword that you end up adding.


  1. Upload the video and create a catchy title for people to see (could be the same as the original file name) again, make sure it includes the keyword and then a short description.


  1. Create an in-depth description for the video – at least 200 – 400 words; the keyword should be used multiple times in this description. This is where Google will pick up on the keywords and how relevant your video is, boosting the SEO.


  1. Include tags in your video – These tags should include your main keywords and channel name, yet again, reassuring Google of the relevancy.


  1. Create a custom thumbnail – Create a thumbnail that stands out, this could be a bold and bright thumbnail that catches the reader’s eye. It could include text or graphics that explain the video and will attract the user. The thumbnail is not vital for Google’s SEO as Google will not read this. But, a Google thumbnail will attract people to watch the video and more views attract SEO.


  1. Upload the video transcript. Upload the word-to-word description of what the audio on the video says. This allows Google to sort through the transcript and highlight any keywords, boosting your SEO (if you have referred to the keyword multiple times in the video). You then upload the transcript to the captions section in YouTube and select that it is a transcript.


  1. Make shorter clips  to share on social media channels to promote your video, post them to generate links and shares, these will then boost the video’s SEO rankings.


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