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Why Video Production is Good for Online Marketing

According to a report that the UK government released on 31 August 2011 titled ‘Internet Access – Households and Individuals, 2011,’ 77 percent of households were already connected to the Internet by then. Thirty-two million people purchased either goods or services online in 2011, accounting for 66 percent of all UK adults, which marked a four percent rise compared to 2010. This offers a good opportunity for Internet marketers to build successful businesses. However, success will only depend on the marketing strategies applied, with video playing an important role.

Online video marketing is increasingly taking a central role for both SMEs and large corporate businesses. Although the saying that ‘a picture is worth more than a thousand words’ has turned into a cliché, the fact still remains that pictures have a greater impact than words alone. The impact is even greater if the pictures are in the form of video.

Video engages the viewer’s attention better than illustrations and other graphics. This marketing strategy delivers information simply but powerfully. The information, which also gets to the viewers quickly, tugs at the emotions and encourages people to take action.

Video production involving humans has a better effect because people find it easier to relate to others than any other thing. The human face helps people connect with others easily; hence it is important in making the required explanation instead of text or graphics.

Videos can be used in a variety of ways, including:

  • Product demonstrations
  • Press briefings
  • Training sales personnel
  • Internal communications
  • Client testimonials

Customer testimonials are among the best ways of convincing other people to trust a business. However, many online buyers are becoming more sceptical of the predictable customer testimonials in text format. In addition to arresting the attention of the viewers, video testimonials are also more convincing. When potential customers see other people vouch for a business, they will be more likely to respond to the call to action.

Internet shoppers are becoming savvier and expect more information about the products or services they are interested in. Video gives them what they want effectively because they will get more details quickly.

Studies have shown that relatively few people download information availed in such formats as PDF. On the other hand, few people pass the opportunity to view a live demonstration. The videos engage the visitors so they do not get bored and turn to a competitor’s Web site. They work better than downloadable DVDs.

Advantages of Online Video Marketing

Video marketing has many advantages, including:

  • Communicating powerful messages
  • Tapping into a large online audience
  • Achieving measurable results
  • Getting a better return on investment
  • Saving money on unused but expensive print
  • Enhancing business profile

All types of businesses selling their products or services on the Internet will benefit from online videos.
The current technology enables people to stream video content smoothly. According to the households and individuals report, 45 percent of the online users accessed the Internet via mobile phones, which means the online video production system used must consider these potential customers. It is important to have quality video to have the desired impact.

Video Production

As much as it is important to use people in addition to the products marketed, online video marketing is not just a matter of displaying pretty faces. This is a marketing strategy that must be designed with return on investment in mind. The video production company used must know more than pointing a camera at stuff. Such a company will provide relevant advice and oversee the project from its start to the end where the video is ready for streaming.


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