Corporate Video Production
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Corporate Video Production has progressed from the stuffy old ways of the 1980’s.

The price of technology has dropped and the whole industry has received a much needed influx of young exciting producers whether they be camera people, editors or motion graphic designers.

The short film festivals have had a wonderful energising effect on what corporate producers aspire to producing.

The term corporate video seems almost a bit redundant. I think we all prefer “branded content” or “digital content”

Corporate video production itself now encompasses character led animations, short films with a narrative to explain what a company does or how it’s changing.

The lines between where this content is seen is now quite blurred.

In the old days it was “broadcast” or “non-broadcast” but now we have web content. I work with a whole generation of producers who don’t actually watch any TV content but view it all on the web.

Twenty years ago creative visual content was just produced by ad agencies now a £5k budget will produce a really engaging short film.

It has all gone full circle though for corporate video production. Ten years ago we were all afraid the creative agency was redundant. Couldn’t anyone just produce their own video content? Well, yes and no. There’s some great viral content out there…but it’s produced really by chance.

If you want to produce a corporate video that resonates then get a creative to produce the idea…it’s just that we don’t call it a corporate video anymore and we’re not quite sure what the new name is…sales video, marketing animation….explainer video…branded content.

Whatever you do call it there’s some great corporate video production companies out there to help you.